Open Bar Prices

Add 20% gratuity and 8.75% sales tax to all open bars.

 Silver Select Bar                                    
 Vodka - Well   
Blend Whiskey - Well
Bourbon - Well
Scotch - Well

Gin - Well
Tequila - Well
Rum - Well
Brandy -We

2Hour   14.75 Per Person
3Hour   15.75 Per Person
4Hour   16.75 Per Person

Gold Select Bar
Vodka - Smirnoff & all house carried flavors
Blend Whiskey - Seagrams 7
Bourbon - Jim Beam
Brandy - Christians Brothers
Scotch - Cutty Sark

Gin -  Beefeaters
Tequila - Jose  Cuervo

Rum -  Bacardi

2Hour   16.00  Per Person

3Hour   17.00 Per Person 

4Hour   18.00 Per Person

Platinum Select Bar

Vodka - Absolut & all house carried flavors

Blend Wiskey - Seagrams VO

Bourbon -  Jack Daniels

Brandy - Christian Brothers

Scotch - Dewars, Johnny Walker Red

Gin - Tanqueray, Bombay Saphire

Rum - Captain Morgan, Bacardi

Whiskey - Southern Comfort

2Hour   18.75 Per Person

3Hour   19.75 Per Person

4Hour    21.75 Per Perso

 * Ultra Premium Brands Available at Additional Price

 Hall Rental Included For Open Bars.

For Bottled Beer add $4.00 per person per hour.

Premium Bottled Beer Add $5.00 per person per hour.

Specialty draft beers 125.00 extra


Beer - House Wine - Soda Pop Bar

2 Hours  12.00

3 Hours  13.00

4 Hours  14.00

Punch  by the gallon available.

Hall rental for cash bars 350.00

No Shots Served at any weddings.

 The charge for open bars is in a per person basis in accordance with the guaranteed amount of guests booked. If the actual count exceeds the guarantee, the actual count will be the one used.

*Prices are subject to change.